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Eva's SPRING 2022 Letter to You

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Dearest Friends,

Despite the cold weather and the irregularity of our times,

here, at Eva Pazola Designs, we are stepping into spring

with style, confidence and in color!

A new, beautiful dress or coat could be what you need to make things better.

We are beginning a series of monthly newsletters to keep you updated and inspired with current trends, forever looks, and to help you create (or recreate) your own individual style.

Please contact me for details about new fabrics and designs, or

having your wardrobe organized and updated for the new season.

Wishing you all continued success, good health, and joy.

Yours in Style,




What We're Currently Loving

Think Pink

Eva Pazola silk print dress

It's always fresh and the right shade will complement every skin color.

"You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming." -Pablo Neruda

Blue and Green

always in style

A perfect silk organza dress to keep forever...

Eva Pazola silk organza dress


Enter the Sun

Eva Pazola cashmere sweater

Left to right: Eva Pazola cashmere coat; Prada runway look; Eva Pazola cashmere coat.

My favorite color. Always fun wearing it.


Magenta Love

Irresistible. I love it

with this blue.


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