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Eva’s vision and energy for fashion design is constantly moving and taking shape.

Her aesthetic is inspired by texture, color and movement, with a progressive style that allows

women to feel rooted while simultaneously allowing them to explore the art of dressing.

Eva Pazola Musee Rodin Paris


"Fashion is not meant to be confined by expectations".

"Rather, fashion should stir individuals to draw inspiration from the world around them,

as well as release them to establish an original path of personal style"EVA PAZOLA

To Eva, fashion is a perpetual revolution, keeping elements from the past while moving towards the fresh, the innovative, and the creative.

Eva’s keen attention to detail is essential in designing for women and complimenting the female form.

Her artistry combines intuition and experience. She understands cut, shape, and construction of

garments, which affects how women feel in their own skin.


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