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Carl Jung teaches us about inner image "as a resource for life and creativity".

 Do you feel misunderstood, inadequate and
unable to express your inner self?

One of the leading fashion designers and stylists
in Chicago for more than 25 years, with private clientele
in New York, Miami, Washington DC and Los Angeles,

I teach women how to identify their strengths and
channel their passions ​into a unique, artistic style.

Make your vision a reality by
elevating yourself through fashion.



Investing in an exclusive outfit designed for
either a special event or
everyday activities can help you to
better define your style to
become more confident and authentic.
Black Wool Lace Dress

Through a unique interviewing process
based on your body type, lifestyle, career,
activities and personality, 

I will custom design your clothes, shop for
the unique pieces and accessories or update your
wardrobe by coordinating your closet 

Professional alterations and adjustments also available

Services provided at your home, at our studio and via Zoom.  
Please contact us for more details and a
free consultation.

          847 271 0313   


Thank you for reaching out. We will be in contact with you within twenty four hours.

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