"Eva is a meticulous designer who has impeccable taste.
Her fabrics and designs are cutting edge and even slightly ahead of the trends. Most importantly she works closely and happily with her clients to achieve desired results! I love her work." -Mary Kay, Jewelry Designer

"Eva's designs are gorgeous and unusual, and her expertise in fabrics, color and fit is unparalleled." -Nancy, Image Consultant

"I wore my Eva Pazola jacket and three separate women stopped me on the street. They just had to know where I bought my jacket!" -Marita, CEO

"Remember when you were a little girl, and you dreamed of being a beautiful, fashionable woman? Looking at your designs reminds me of that woman I wanted to be." -Laurence Noguier, Former collegue of Karl Lagerfeld & Sonia Rykiel

Visit us at our Studio to view FALL 2013 Ready-To-Wear Collection and the Couture Designs

Eva Pazola’s vision and energy for design is constantly moving and taking shape. Her aesthetic is inspired by texture, color and movement. Eva’s progressive style allows women to feel rooted while exploring the art of dressing.

..."She believes that fashion should be a perpetual evolution, keeping elements from the past while moving toward the fresh, the innovative, and the creative"...

The juxtaposition of unexpected colors and textiles is a distinguishing characteristic of Eva’s designs. She believes that fashion is not meant to be confined by expectation. Rather, fashion should stir individuals to draw inspiration from the world around them, as well as release them to establish an original path of personal style.

Eva’s keen attention to detail is essential in designing for women and complimenting the female form. Her artistry combines intuition and more than twenty years of experience. She understands cut, shape, and construction of garments, which affects how women feel in their own skin.

She draws her inspiration from noteworthy "fashionable" European destinations, and daydream worthy visits to Bali and Brazil.
Most importantly, Eva is inspired by the fascinating women she meets every day.

Visit our studio to view our Ready-To-Wear Collection and Couture Designs.